Our mission is to help business owners and professionals with annual revenues of $1.5million or more increase their prosperity through the American free enterprise system.

Profitability & Cash Flow Enhancement.

We help entrepreneurs who are frustrated with how much taxes and indirect costs eat away at their profit margin revenue through by putting specialized tax incentives and cost remediation processes in place. We also help improve cash flow, and find waste in everyday spending that can be put to better use.

Operational Efficiency Consulting.

We are experts in helping businesses improve their systems, processes, and defect rates. The end result is improved operational efficiency. We will help you identify gaps and issues to take your company to the next level, and then help you get there through repeatable, measurable systems.

Business Succession, Exit Strategies, and Retirement Planning & Design.

What happens if you or a key member of your business can't work starting tomorrow? Do you have a plan in place to take care of your family, employees, clients, supplies, and your business? How will you business and all your relationships continue to prosper? We can help you put this in place.  It takes up to three to five years for a multi-million-dollar business to prepare the business for sale, which is why 70 percent of small- to mid-sized business owners shutter their businesses because they didn’t start preparing for their exit eight to ten years before they intended to sell it. We can help you maintain and grow the lifestyle you desire, and transition your business successfully through individualized, personalized and proprietary retirement programs. Together, we can drastically advance your wealth accumulation in a highly tax advantaged manner.

Health Discount Plans.

Healthcare costs and loss due to employee absenteeism is a growing challenge for business owners. Through Access Plus, we can help you meet the shared needs of patients, providers, and business owners to improve outcomes and reduce cost. Access Plus delivers convenient and affordable access to healthcare through telemedicine, pharmacy benefits management, and discounts for prescriptions.